RAID/LVM not shown in Disk Utility

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I have a Linux on a x86_64 system powered by Gentoo distro.

On my system I have one 90GB SSD + 2x500GB HDD. The 2×500 HDD are part of a LVM (with striping , mostly for performance reason).

Disk utility (Palimpsset, written by David Zeuthen) is a graphical tool that can be found on the Linux platform, it can be used for partition management, S.M.A.R.T. monitoring, benchmarking, and software RAID.

When you are not able to see your LVM on Disk utility then blame this bug.

It seems that you can temporarily fix this either by issuing at the console one of the commands bellow:

  • vgchange –refresh
  • udevadm trigger

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