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I watched Idol Sweden 2011 and 2 singers have captured my attention: Moa Lignell and Amanda Fondell. There were more than 2 singers that performed very well, though…

This post is about they and their evolution. I will start with my favorite and later with the season’s winner.

Moa Lignell – 3rd place

First audition – When I held ya (her own composition!)

7 October, 2011 – “Fuckin’ Perfect(Pink)

14 October, 2011 – Vem ska jag trå på

21 October, 2011 – “Superstition(Stevie Wonder)

28 October, 2011 – “Dream a Little Dream of Me(Mamas and the Papas)

4 November, 2011 -When I held ya (her own composition!)

11 November, 2011 – “You Can’t Hurry Love(The Supremes)

18 November, 2011 – “Go Your Own Way(Fleetwood Mac)

18 November, 2011 – “Fields Of Gold(Sting)

25 November, 2011 – “Nothing Compares 2 U(Sinéad O’Connor)

25 November, 2011 – “Carry You Home(James Blunt)

2 December, 2011 – “Torn(Natalie Imbruglia)

2 December, 2011 – “Wherever You Will Go(The Calling)

Unfortunately after the last round (2 December, 2011) she was eliminated. I understand the jury’s reason : they had congratulated her for how she performed (voice, songs) but had criticized her for her scenic (non)movement. So they expected not only to perform well but also to make show like all the international artists.

My opinion is that she did well and she will grow as an artist next years, with or without ‘scenic circus’. On the other hand Amanda Fondell performed very well and she had dominated the stage all the time (in fact I felt all the time that she behave like the queen of the stage, she’s a innate star).

Now, let’s see the winner.

Amanda Fondell – Sweden Idol 2011 winner

First audition – Mercy

7 October, 2011 – “Made of” (Nause)

14 October, 2011 – “Det Hon Vill Ha” (Plura)

21 October, 2011 – “Superstition(Stevie Wonder)

28 October, 2011 – “I’ve Got a Woman(Ray Charles)

4 November, 2011 – “My Man(Miss Li)

11 November, 2011 – “Please Mr. Postman(The Marvelettes)

18 November, 2011 – “Piece of My Heart(Janis Joplin)

18 November, 2011 – “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction(Rolling Stones)

25 November, 2011 – “Fire(Bruce Springsteen)

25 November, 2011 – “True Colors(Cindy Lauper)

2 December, 2011 – “It’s Oh So Quiet(Björk)

2 December, 2011 – “Raise Your Glass(Pink)

9 December, 2011 – “Song 2(Blur)

9 December, 2011 – “Made Of” (Nause)

9 December, 2011 – “All This Way” (Winner’s Single)


PS: If anyone is asking why swedes are so good when comes to music, take a look at this page: or search on YouTube “best of swedish idol audition” – a collection of true talents.

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