SLIM failed to execute login command

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After installing Xfce4 and SLIM login manager I have noticed that entering user name and password is not sufficient to be able to login because I get the “failed to execute login command” all the time.

I will also have to manually choose between all the available sessions (by Ctrl+F1) and then by entering my user+password my login command runs without error.

What is the cause? Well, in your /etc/slim.conf you might have the login_cmd defined as:

login_cmd exec /bin/bash -login /usr/share/slim/Xsession %session

The only problem is that %session is not defined. It will became defined after you scroll between all available sessions by Ctrl+F1. You can get rid of this problem by adding the following to your /etc/env.d/90xsession file as bellow:


After that everything should works as it is supposed to.


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