Create a Matrix-like background in Gimp

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I wanted to create my own header background image for this blog, starting right from the name of the blog: “My *nix world“.

I want it to be clear and simple. First time I’ve created a large character map made up of ordinary screen characters, using a tool like FIGlet:

I was happy with it just about one minute then I’ve looked for a better version. Because of the green-black colours I decided to use a Matrix alike effect. But how?

I have Gimp so I’ve started from there. There is no default Matrix-effect that ships with Gimp so I’ve searched the Google for a how-to page. The best I’ve found is this:

Note: For the title I have used a plain text with Neon filter (Filters->Alpha to Logo->Neon).


About Eugen Mihailescu

Always looking to learn more about *nix world, about the fundamental concepts of arithmetic, algebra and geometry. I am also passionate about programming, database and systems administration.
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